Rolls Royce Spirit 1983 - V-8 412 engine, cream exterior, leather seats

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Time Left: 1 d, 16 h, 47 min    (Jan 19, 2018 21:46:15 EST)
Make: Rolls-royce
Model: Silver Spirit/spur/d...
Condition: Used
Mileage: 149500
Engine: V-8 412 Cubic Inch Engine
Location: 45249, Cincinnati, Ohio

Seller's Notes:

Please note the title from 12/15/2008 records no mileage or notary stamp. The car starts, runs and brakes. There is a hole drilled between the vents and windshield wipers with disco paint; driver side rear window power motor is slow; chipped varnish by driver’s lock....

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Location: 45249, Cincinnati, Ohio